Who Knows What Season 1

Brimming with excitement, stories, and fresh knowledge, we aim to create conversations that beg people to gather around there audio speakers again. All the shows are broadcast in real-time along with live music, if you want to listen and participate live see our broadcast schedule! Lets us know what you think and request a topic!

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  • Jeff Jimerson

    This is the best podcast EVER. And I haven’t even listened to one yet.

  • http://www.chrisnordyke.com/ Chris Nordyke

    I’m with Jeff! Rad show.

    • http://ronsparksonstrategy.com/ Ron Sparks

      Thanks Chris, we just got the show on iTunes, we are looking to have a new show every week !

  • Brad McNally

    If we come down to Corvallis, can we be on your show?

    • http://ronsparksonstrategy.com/ Ron Sparks

      Yes, that would be great, that’s our next move is having some guests on :)